Texas School for the DeafTexas Math Sign Language Dictionary

Steps for using this website.

  1. Select a Text Preference: English or Spanish
  2. Select a Sign Preference: (ASL) American Sign Language or (SEE) Signing Exact English
  3. Choose a grade level interval for the math vocabulary. There are five options; if you choose the “ALL K-12” option you will see the words for all grade level intervals.
  4. Choose a beginning letter for the words you wish to view. The words are listed in alphabetical order.
  5. If you prefer to type in a specific word use the search box below the list of words. The search function searches through all the words, not just the words in the selected grade level interval.


Q. How do I download video clips onto my computer?

A. Click on one of the download buttons below the video clip. The two download buttons allow you to download the video clip with or without captions. The downloaded file will be a QuickTime file. You will need to install the free QuickTime player to view the file. Most computers will have the QuickTime player installed but, if not, go to this website to install it.

Q. Can I use the downloaded video clips for my class?

A. Yes! We encourage teachers and others to download these video clips and use them for educational purposes. All the materials on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license. Basically, this means that you are free to use the materials as long as you give credit to the Texas School for the Deaf.

Q. Where do the SEE sources come from and what do the Logos Mean?

SEE Book
Signs labeled “SEE Book” are taken from SIGNING EXACT ENGLISH, G. Gustason and E. Zawolkow.1993, Modern Signs Press, La Alamitos, CA, available from www.modernsignspress.com. Most of the SEE signs in this dictionary are taken from this book.
SEE Local
Signs labeled “Local” are taken from a database of SEE signs collected by Region XIII from a number of SEE programs in Texas or signs used by SEE interpreters in central Texas.
SEE Fingerspelling
Signs not found in the SEE book or the local database are fingerspelled and labeled “Fingerspell”.
SEE Multiple
Signs labeled “Multiple” are signed using multiple sources from the list above.